Thursday, April 15, 2010

more boring stuff

So anyways work on the zine is going slower than forseen. I'm still waiting an indiscriminate time for one of my writers to turn in their article and I refuse to print until I have atleast three written entries done by people that aren't me(I had to cut the comic and I really don't want to cut anything else).
The monsters on the left are just silly doodles that stand no chance of getting published so I have no problem of showing you them here.
Also to help ease the wait until I start reposting again I would like to point out my new link list entitled "Webcomics that I like". Go and read some. They are all good in their own weird way especially Forming and Dr Mcninja, those are the best ones.

UPDATE: I've settled on the name "Bear With A Chainsaw" for my zine. I stole it from Uncle Eric. Everyone tell me what you think in the comments.