Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monster with tentacle mouth

Ok so this has been done for several days but since my modem passed away I haven't been able to access the internet.
So this monster was originally going to be a t-shirt design but then I got too into it and wasn't able to incorporate other elements that were in the original plan. So take it as it is I guess.
And tomorrow's and the day after tomorrow's posts are going to be a little different than usual. But the day after the day after tomorrow's post will be normal like usual. yay


Arthur Brandoch Darwin Petersen said...

I love the horrible fungal growths on his back. I think that there are little insects which pupate inside of them, then emerge to go annoy other creatures, so everyone hates it when this guy's around

Daywalker said...

Eric had the idea that I should've drawn them all as budding newborn babies and that it would be called Birth. Both ideas are excellent. And I think on one of my next monsters it'll involve the theme of Big Monster with Little Monsters inside of him/her.