Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm gonna try to get back to more regular posting

So this is the conflict that I'm facing people. Right now I've been hard at work on my second issue of my zine(Bear with a Chainsaw), drawing lots of new and original monsters for it. However, I feel that some of the zine's "specialness" will be stolen away from it if I post the art from it up here on my blog. That's why I've slowed so much from posting content.

I've yet to really come up with a good solution to this. My zine is nearing completion though and should be done in like a week or two. if you want a copy then let me know and email me. please.


Daywalker said...

oh and this guy is a maze. the start is at his knuckles and the finish is supposed to be the tumor thing on the lower right.

Grant said...

I want zines. I didn't write a movie review so I don't deserve any though.

Daywalker said...

don't worry about. You can still have copies.